TV Series downloads are gaining more popularity each year!

In the last decade, the focus of film production has shifted from films to serials. Many critics agree that today the best works of directors and actors are presented not on film festivals, but on television.

Game of thrones tv series

American TV series have much to offer even the most demanding viewers. Clever comedies, exciting criminal dramas, stories about the most interesting periods of world history will entice anyone. Thanks to the Internet today everyone has the opportunity to watch foreign TV series online. New series of favorite shows appear on the web just hours after their show on television. Overseas series looks almost like a large audience than the one that is going to the TV screens.

The current 2017 TV season promises a lot of interesting to fans of good quality tv shows to download . The foreign series are also the long-awaited return of such cult films as Doctor Who, The American Horror Story, Motherland, and the premieres of new shows, including The Narky, The Queen of Screaming and The Heroes: Return.


Game of Thrones season 7 has just aired!

The TV series “The Game of Thrones” is based on George Martin’s series of books, and tells the TV audience about wars for power in the fantastical, fictional world of the Seven Kingdoms. The kingdom is brewing a conspiracy, and preparing a coup, the ruling king is trying to enlist the support and help of his childhood friend Eddard Stark. In a world where every person is rushing to power, various intrigues are woven, and even a friend or relative can sneak a knife into the back, but even here there is room for love, honesty and nobility. Happy times end and darkness comes, will the kingdom stand?


The Strain season 4 – continuation of the popular horror series

The multi-seasonal confrontation of the US government, normal mortal people and obsessive bloodsuckers with their virus. The townspeople increasingly remember how the board landed, even the notebooks had no doubt that the strain was brought here on it. In the previous three seasons, it was finally realized by everyone and now they are gathering strength to destroy the vampire evil, trying not to think about how long it will take, whether it will be enough and human resources, for the war. The authorities promise every possible help…

Don’t miss fabulous BBC drama tv series – Poldark

This story was filmed in the UK and has become perhaps the most anticipated dramatic picture of the last decade.
Poldark TV Series
The plot introduces Ross Poldark, a very courageous man, whose fate is going very tragic. Ross comes back from the war, where he had to go through a lot of terrible events, he, literally, by happy coincidence, managed to stay alive, but, nevertheless, he showed himself on the positive side. Only now his home town where he grew up and was brought up, meets his hero with frightening silence.
All the dreams about long happy and friendly family with his girlfriend break down when he learns that his father actually died long ago, and the house in which he spent his childhood is now at the mercy of people unknown to him. This uneasy fate waits for the major character of the TV series Poldark renewed for the 2nd season. If you are looking for Poldark season 2 I would recommend you to do this at some global streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, if they are available at your country.

Check the trailer of upcoming season.

We are waiting for third season which will at airs fall 2017 according to the BBC.

Dice finally has its release date for season 2

Dice release date for season 2
We hear that dice showtime season 2 will air at July 2017.
The series Dice season 2 is a collection of half-truths life stories of Andrew Dice Clay, whose unique brand humor often brings problems to his life. Check the trailer:

After appearing to be famous, comedian is now forced to work in order to rebuild his career and pay at least partially with his own card debts. The stand-up comedian should keep up afloat his ex-wife together with the mother-in-law, try to manage the rock band of his son and fend off the old fans. Without excellent sense of humor one will simply not cope with all this. A partial documentary of the project Dice adds pepper to what is happening on the screen. A common person will simply get mad from a couple months of life in this mode. But it is quite funny to watch over this from the side.

Finnaly we find out when Saul will return with the new episodes

AMC release few new teasers of third season of Better Call Saul.

According to the our source better call saul season 3 will return to the screen at April 10.
One of the brightest and favorite characters in the series “Breaking Bad” was lawyer White and his accomplices, Saul Goodman. Quirky rascal immediately gained a lot of fans, although he was there not since the beginning of the series, but in the second season. After closing, its creator Vince Gilligan has decided to comfort the audience, giving Goodman his own spin-off. It is called Better Call Saul season 3 just like an episode in the original project. The story takes place before the meeting of Goodman with Walter White. Sol is a novice lawyer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He had just started gaining experience and forging his notoriety. But at the beginning of a career he has all the makings of a crafty lawyer. He is cynical, uses the law for his profit and has no worries on the subject whether his client is guilty or not. The main thing is that he is solvent, the rest are little things which are not worthy of his attention.
Better Call Saul season 3

Don’t miss the release date of new Netflix tv show – Iron First

Iron Fist season 1
We hope this will be spectacular collaboration of Netflix and Marvel.
The main character of the series Iron Fist season 1 is Daniel Rand. He has the ability to control the flow of vital energy and knows perfectly many techniques of martial arts, some of which are secret for most of the people. But, none of this would have happened, if not his father Wendell Rand. In his youth, Wendell was lucky enough to visit the secret city of K’un-Lun, located in the Himalayas. This sacred settlement has been founded by the aliens millions years ago. Now, it is ruled by the descendants of these aliens and beings called the Dragon Kings. While being there, Wendell made several feats, defeated the greatest warrior of the city and received the opportunity to acquire the greatest power. But then he had to return to our world, become a successful businessman and marry the woman who gave birth to Daniel. Now we’ll enjoy watching the life of the hero of Iron Fist season 1.

According to the IMDB database the series premiere – March 17, 2017. The series will contain 13 episodes and all of them will be available at Netflix at the same day.

What we can whait in the Second Season of Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones season 2 is one more project from Netflix. The main character had heroic past. There have been a lot of large and small feat on her account. However, even super people have weaknesses. Jones had suffered post-traumatic stress from which she barely recovered. A little time after that, she decided to end up with the former life and all these salvations of the world. However, the past often catches us in the most unexpected moment. The same happened with Jessica who did not manage to live the life of an ordinary person for a long time. The woman moved to New York and founded her own detective agency. Her firm has undertaken to provide services not only for ordinary people, but also for superheroes. Since the moment, there appears a new villain with whom she will have to struggle in Jessica Jones season 2.
Jessica Jones season 2
Multiple sources report that premiere date of second season doesn’t appointed yet.